Acer Predator XB271HU

The Acer Predator XB271HU is an entirely new and unique beast in the world of gaming monitors. The Predator has an amazing image quality that gamers have come to expect with an IPS panel, but also features a high refresh rate that any die-hard gamer will instantly fall in love with.

Acer has included Nvidia’s G-Sync technology that attacks and eliminates image tear and stutter like one would expect with a predator hunting its prey.

The Predator also features a top of the line design with a stand that is fully adjustable. Along with a couple of other gaming monitors from Acer, the Predator is an amazing gaming monitor and stands tall at the front of the pack.

With that said, does this stutter slaying Predator stack up with other options and can gamers justify paying upwards of $900 asking price?

Acer Predator XB271HU Stalks and Destroys The Competition Prey 

Pros of this Acer 27 Inch Monitor

 Cons Acer 27 Inch Monitor

The Acer Predator Stands Tall at the Top of the list in 2016  

acer predator

The Acer Predator XB271HU 27 inch gaming monitor will take gamers on an immersive journey in any gaming universe.

The 27’’ IPS Display with WQHD (2560 x 1440) resolution provides details that are tough to beat and will draw gamers into all the action. The display provides gamers a world of high end entertainment by having every corner of the monitor located the exact distance from your eyes. This provides a uniform visual experience that does not contain any blind spots for the user. This provides an experience that many gamers have never had and will wish they could have owned for a long time.

The Ergo Stand allows the monitor to tilt, swivel, pivot, and move up and down. This allows users to obtain the viewing angle that is the most comfortable for hours of owning the competition in any game. The Predator’s VESA compatible mounting gives gamers a very sleek, space saving design that can fit in the tightest of spaces.

The Predator is a high-end monitor that is factory designed to handle high transfers of data and has high bandwidth ports such as the HDMI and DisplayPort. The Predators four high speed USB 3.0 ports makes it extremely easy for ANY experience level of gamer to connect their gaming headset, keyboard, mouse, and cellphone.  This allows gamers to also charge their cellphone or other mobile devices in blazing speed. 

What’s in the Box?

The Predator comes with everything needed to plug in RTU (Ready to Use). Inside the packaging customers will find the following components: The Predator XB271HU Widescreen LCD monitor, one DisplayPort cable, one HDMI Cable, Power cord, and one USB 3.0 Cable.

Environmentally Friendly Predator 

This 27 inch Acer monitor is certified environmentally friendly by the following: Energy Star, MPR II, RoHS, and TCO Certified Display 6.0.

This means that the Acer Predator is RoHS and Energy star compliant making the monitor safe for not only the environment but the user as well. Acer EcoDisplay technologies contain LED backlighting that is mercury-free which reduces the amount of power used by up to a staggering 68%. This is not only great for the environment, but also for the gamers wallet when it comes to paying the electric bill.

Warranty for this 27 inch Acer Monitor

The Acer Predator does come with the Limited Warranty agreement. The Warranty is for 3 years on Hardware, and 90 days for software. Warranty information can be found in detail on the Acer website. 

Technical Information 




Gaming Performance for the 27 Inch Acer Predator

acer predator

With the Acer Predator, you will get the silky-smooth gameplay that you have always dreamed of! Screen tearing is eliminated while display stutter and input lag are minimized so gaming scenes appear instantly. These aspects are thanks to the state of the art NVIDIA® G-SYNC™ that synchronizes the refresh rate of the monitor to your GPU. The NVIDIA G-SYNC also makes objects look sharper and ensures silky smooth gameplay that gamers clamor for. The Acer Predator comes factory clocked at 144Hz but can be overclocked up to 165Hz which will give gamers even smoother gameplay without any blur.

The Acer Predator delivers extremely smooth motion scenes that will take gaming to the next level. The Ultra-Low Motion Blur (ULMB) technology allows users to see any moving object in perfect quality without having to put up with annoying effects of other monitors such as ghosting and smearing.

If the Predator lacks anywhere, it is with the sound system which is not the best. The two built in speakers will get the job done, but are not enough for most gamers alone.

Visually Stunning 27 Inch Acer Display

Graphics take on a life of their own and pop to life with the help of the 100% sRGB color Gamut and 6 axis color adjustment that makes sure the monitor displays the optimal color accuracy that is desired by professionals in the field of design and weekend photo hobbyists alike. The IPS display brings industry leading color consistency to the table by utilizing 178 degree viewing angles while taking color saturation to a new level.

Ergonomics of the Predator 

The Acer Predator also has a built-in feature to protect the eyes of gamers with the Eye Protect Flicker-Less. Not only will the eyes be protected, but also the neck! All gamers have experienced a stiff neck from gaming too long on a display with limited adjustment options. Gamers will not have that problem with the Predator as it has an adjustable tilt from -5 to 35 degrees, it can adjust vertically up to 5 inches while rotating up to 90 degrees.

Build and Comfort of this 27 Inch Acer Monitor

acer predator gaming monitor

New and Seasoned gamers alike will have no problem understanding that the Predator is a monitor designed for immersive gameplay. The visually stunning monitor comes in black with bright red feet. The logo on the bezel is very animalistic and sleek that works perfectly with the name of this gaming monitor. The stand is an angular design and contains all the hallmarks.

Some gamers think that the red feet stand out too much on this monitor, but just as many love the splash of color and think it adds value to the design. The rest of the finish is in matte black plastic that looks and feels very high quality.

The Acer Predator is extremely well built. Gamers will immediately notice that the panel feels completely sturdy and all the ergonomic adjustments can be manipulated smoothly with very little effort.

Acer did not cut corners like many companies that use various tricks such as a rotating stand made of thin plastic that makes the display extremely un-stable. The Acer Predator utilizes a proper joint in the middle of the stand and base that makes rotating very easy, durable, and sturdy.

Due to the higher than average price, gamers may be hesitant toward this monitor at first. After buying the Predator and experiencing all the cutting-edge features that provide high levels of immersive gameplay, most gamers will find that this beast of a gaming monitor is well worth the price!

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