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Pros of the Acer HN274H:

Cons Acer HN274H Gaming Monitor:

The Acer HN274H BMIIID is a 27-inch monitor from Acer that not only works fantastically with 2-D imagery but is also 3D capable as well. Acer teamed with NVIDIA to offer this monitor with NVIDIA 3D vision glasses that allows users to watch 3D movies and play 3D games in unbelievable three-dimensional imagery on a PC without the need of 3D emitter externally. This is a high-end monitor, and as such, users should expect to pay a premium for these capabilities over standard monitors.

The Acer HN274H BMIIID costs over $600 which is vastly more expensive than other monitors with this size and capabilities minus the 3D technology. But users should also be aware that with the cheaper 3D capable offerings there is also a hidden cost, you must also purchase a 3D Vision Kit which costs roughly $200. This puts the price of those “cheaper” units at about the same or higher than the Acer HN274H BMIIID and most do not have the performance or features of this 3D monitor from Acer.

Acer HN274h specs

Design and Features of this Acer 27 Inch Gaming Monitor

The 27-inch HN274H has a native resolution of 1920 x 1,080 and is a TN panel that is framed by beautiful, round, 1 inch bevels on each side of the screen. This monitor features an elegant glossy black cabinet that is sleek and slim. The monitor will look fantastic on any desk or table setting as well as in a multi-display configuration.

The monitor is LED-Backlit and rests on a matching stand that has tilt adjustment but lacks in other ergonomic adjustments such as height and swivel adjustment capabilities. This can make long gaming sessions uncomfortable.

On the bottom, right-hand corner of the monitor, users will find five touch sensitive buttons located on the bezel. When a user presses one of these buttons, an on-screen menu will be launched displaying options that correspond with the five buttons. From this menu, users will have a few different options to choose from such as the main menu, input source, auto-adjustment, as well as others.

Users will find VGA, HDMI, and DVI-D video inputs on the rear of the display. There is also an audio jack and built-in 2-watt speakers. The Audio is not horrible but could be louder. Most users will want to use external speakers or a high-quality headset for ultimate audio performance.

On the left side of the display, users will find two extra HDMI ports. These extra ports make connecting external devices such as gaming consoles, set-top boxes, and Blue-Ray players quick and painless.

Other 3D gaming monitors require a 3D vision kit with an external 3D emitter, but not the HN274H. This monitor features a built-in emitter which means all you need is a pair of 3D glasses which are included with the monitor.

To view 3D content, viewers can use on of the HDMI ports and hook up a 3D ready Blue-Ray player, or use a NVIDIA 3D Vision capable GPU along with a dual-link DVI cable.

Performance Specs of the Acer HN274H

The HN274 boasts a fantastic clarity and depth of field with any 3D media. One of the downsides of using 3D glasses is that the user will experience some loss of brightness and color fading because of filtering. Users will find that this is not a big issue as they will quickly adjust to the darker images and see that the picture is still of fantastic quality.

The 3D effects of the NVIDIA list of 3D ready games are remarkable. Gamers will find that they feel like they are in the game due to the depth produced by this 3D technology. Most gamers will find that the included 3D glasses are very comfortable unless they are not used to wearing glasses, in which case they will quickly become accustomed to wearing them.

This monitor not only works great with 3D applications but also performs well in 2D environments as well. Using the Display mate 64-Step Gray-Scale Test, all colors are well saturated and uniform. The panel does have a little bit of trouble displaying the lightest grays in this test which will detract from image detail in some images.

Another one of the downsides of this monitor from Acer is narrow off-angle views. Users will be able to detect color shifting from either side and when viewing the screen from too high or too low, the screen becomes washed out.

The 2ms response time works fantastic for hooking up gaming consoles to one of the HDMI ports. Gamers will notice well-defined details and smooth gameplay.

Warranty on this Acer 3D Monitor

Acer provides an industry standard three-year labor, parts, and backlight warranty with the Acer HN274H. More information can be found at

What’s in the Box – Acer HN274H Specs

Users will find that the Acer HN274H box is slim and well packed. The box contains enough foam protection to protect the monitor during shipment. Upon opening the box users will find the NVIDIA 3D glasses, quick start guide, warranty documentation, product CD, and an assortment of cables for HDMI, dual-link DVI, and VGA.

Acer HN274H Specifications

 Conclusion on the Acer HN274H

Users who want to experience big time 3D environments and have the extra money to spend will love the ACER HN274H. This monitor is shipped ready to go right out of the box. All that users must do is set up the monitor and charge the included 3D glasses. Users will enjoy the 3D image quality and the amount of depth it provides for a realistic, immersive gaming experience. The monitor also performs well with 2D applications and the 2D image quality is just as crisp. The HN274H also boasts high connectivity with 3 HDMI ports, DVI, and VGA. Gamers will love the fact that they can connect three HDMI externals without the need to plug and unplug repeatedly.

Gamers who are on a budget can enjoy other 3D capable monitors that cost less, but those offerings are really a Catch 22 because they must also purchase a 3D Vision kit which runs around $200.

The Acer HN274H is one of the best options for 3D gaming and movie viewing and the price tag is not very expensive considering it is ready to go, all you must do is charge the included 3D glasses and be transported to a stunning 3D world of immersive gameplay and movie viewing!




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