BenQ XL2720Z Monitor Review

Only a small amount of so called “gaming monitors” surpass the known benchmark of a 60 Hz refresh rate to truly be called a gaming monitor. This monitor from BenQ more than doubles that rate by boasting an impressive 144 HZ refresh rate, not to mention, having a myriad of gaming features. A high refresh rate is the measuring stick that compares gaming monitors to the average monitor. The BenQ XL2720Z meets and exceeds this in a big way.

BenQ XL2720Z Gaming Monitor Review

BenQ XL2720Z: More than just a monitor

Pros of this BenQ Gaming Monitor 

· Excellent Port Selection

· Great Gaming Performance

· Fast Pixel Response

· 144 Hz Refresh Rate

· Flicker-Free Technology

· S Switch for fast OSD options

Cons of this BenQ Gaming Monitor 

  • Narrow Viewing Angles
  • Touch Buttons can be difficult

BenQ Blur Reduction Technology

Some of the best features of the BenQ XL2720Z will not be found in the technical specifications. The first of these is the Blur Reduction.

The Blur Reduction operates by turning the backlight on and off in between frames. This minimizes the blur inherent to sample and hold technology just like LCD. On prior monitors, gamers would need a graphics card that was light boost enabled, not so with this monitor as the technology is built in. If the monitor did not have Blur Reduction, every frame of the image would stay on the screen until the next frame is rendered.

Plasma Displays and CRT are different because they go dark between frames. All of this takes place at more than 60 times per second so that gamers eyes cannot perceive the flicker.  Instead, the result is a smoother resolution.

Benq Gaming Monitor Review

Flicker-Free Technology 

Another one of these features is Flicker-Free, which is BenQ’s trademark name for a backlit LED that does not utilize pulse-width modulation. Most other monitors cycle the backlight at high frequencies, as much as 20 kHz, to reduce their output. Sometimes this is perceived as a flicker to more sensitive gamers.  BenQ combats this by powering the backlight with direct current. The backlight is not cycled and the voltage is kept constant regardless of brightness setting. This makes flicker impossible even at the lowest levels.

Gaming Refresh Rate Optimization Management (GROM) 

BenQ strives to bring gamers an incomparable gaming performance by introducing the GROM: Gaming Refresh Optimization Management system. BenQ allows users to reach more levels of optimal refresh rates (100/120/144 Hz) which provides more than just a “refresh rate” feature.  The gamer-driven GROM collaborates with Smart Scaling strengths and Display Mode to offer a total refresh rate solution for all gamers.

This BenQ Gaming Monitor takes eye safety seriously. 

Gamers can now play long hours with worrying about potential damage to the eyes. Thanks to BenQ’ new Low Blue Light, users can play for many hours with clear comfortable vision and compete with the best vision conditions. Regular computer monitors produce the blue light spectrum, which is one of the leading causes of eyestrain, eye damage, headaches, and various sleeping disorders. BenQ allows gamers to alleviate this with several different adjustable low blue light levels, allowing gamers a better choice in eye protection. Many gamers wear specialized yellow tinted sunglasses or other items to alleviate symptoms from the blue light spectrum. This no longer needs to be the case and gamers can enjoy clear and crisp gameplay while being comfortable without the need of special products! 

BenQ Black eQualizer Allows fine details in the darkest of scenes. 

One of the biggest gaming monitor complaints of gamers is the loss of details in darker scenes which can cost gamers of all levels their game. The BenQ ZL2720Z utilizes the Black eQualizer color technology to alleviate problems of not being able to see in dark scenes. This allows gamers to spot their enemies or crucial gaming items in dark scene situations without over-exposing the bright areas which allow vital details to be preserved.

Swift Control and Navigation for this  BenQ Gaming Monitor

What would these features mean if you had to change them for every game that you played? Thanks to the S Switch that is not the case. The XL2720Z comes with a very durable and stylish “S Switch” that comes with 3 preset buttons that gamers can customize for whatever setting preferences needed. Users can set one of each of the 3 presets for work, gaming, or entertainment, or whatever combination between games that they see fit.

Manually adjusting OSD settings is outdated as the S Switch allows gamers to quickly change settings with the flip of a switch instead of the timely task of changing them manually.

The Game Mode Loader Allows you to see what the Pros use.

The special Game Mode Loader that BenQ features for this monitor allows players to download special gaming presets used by video game players so the weekend warrior can see what the pros use.  Gamers can leverage these exclusive presets to their advantage by playing against other regular gamers with pro settings. Any of these modes can also be saved to the s switch for quick accessibility. BenQ promises that more presets from professional gamers will be released soon for gamers to enjoy.

aBenQ XL2720Z

What’s in this BenQ Gaming Monitors Box?

The BenQ XL2720Z comes with VGA, dual-link DVI, and USB Cables. The monitor also includes a cover for the monitor and a resource CD, and of course the Monitor itself, stand, and the S Switch.

Warranty for the BenQ XL2720Z Monitor

BenQ offers a 1 Year limited warranty on the BenQ XL2720Z. More information on this warranty can be found at the BenQ website by visiting 

Technical Information 


  • LCD Size: 27” W
  • Aspect Ratio: 16: 9
  • Resolution (max): 1920 x 1080
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  • Pixel Pitch: 0.311
  • Native Contrast: 1000:1
  • DCR (Dynamic Contrast Ratio): 12M:1
  • Brightness 300 cd/m²
  • Panel Type: TN
  • Viewing Angle (L/R;U/D) (CR>=10): 170/160
  • Vertical Refresh Rate: 100/120/144 Hz
  • Response Time: 1ms (GTG)
  • Display Colors: 16.7 million
  • Color Gamut 72% 


  • Input Connector: D-sub 

Dimensions & Weight of this BenQ Monitor

  • Dimensions with Wall Mount (HxWxD mm) (w/o Base): 485 x 642 x 269
  • CTN Dimensions (HxWxD mm): 486 x 711 x 245
  • Dimensions (HxWxD mm): 548 x 642 x 273
  • Net Weight:(kg) 7.5
  • Gross Weight: (kg) 10.2
  • Height Adjustment: (MM): 140mm

Special Features of this  BenQ Gaming Monitor

  • AMA: Yes
  • HDCP: Yes
  • Senseye©: Senseye 3
  • Motion Blur Reduction: Yes
  • Color Temperature: User Mode

Gaming Performance Conclusion for the BenQ XL2720Z

Many gamers have spent thousands of dollars on high-end systems with state of the art graphics capabilities and look for a monitor that can hold up to the abilities of their system and display games without lag, smearing, and ghosting. Those gamers will find that the BenQ XL2720Z is a very nice choice that lives up to the hype from BenQ.

The monitor boasts a seriously speedy 1-millisecond pixel response and 144Hz refresh rate for a fantastic performance. The image quality is near the top of the industry and immerses players in the action.

The best part must be the many different features that you will not find in the technical information such as the GROM and Flicker-Free Technology, as well as the many I/O ports.

The off-angle viewing could use some improvement and the touch buttons can be annoying, but neither of these issues are enough to stop the XL2720Z from being one of the top choices on the gaming monitor market.

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