A Guide to Buying House of the Dead Arcade Machines Among Others

Are you contemplating about buying a multi-game arcade cabinet to install in your bedroom, office, garage or home? Before making your decision, you should take time to read about the merits of purchasing a classic multi-game arcade cabinet and you’ll have useful knowledge to help you in the purchase process.

We have a Variety of House of the Dead Arcade Machines

You will probably find that it is daunting to select an ice cream flavor. Imagine having to settle for the arcade game for your classic cabinet? This is a more difficult decision you will have to make. A multi-game arcade ensures that you will not have to always feel regretful for neglecting one title over the other. You could have all the games of your choice stored in a single place.

An Authentic Feel from your Arcade Machine

house of the dead arcade machineAlthough you can get classic titles online, no one really wants to play Kung-Fu Master using their computer keyboard. Not even your smartphone will replicate the feel of the old-school trackpad, buttons, and joystick. With this kind of arcade cabinet, you will be surprised by how quickly you will master your gaming skills. It is similar to riding a bike, which always comes back even after years of not riding. You must not let the modern technology compromise and take over all the games you really love, not even when you have a classic multi-game arcade cabinet sitting in your bedroom.

Arcade Cabinets Cater for Different Preferences

Probably, your best arcade game was Pac-am but unfortunately, one of your childhood buddies could not have enough of Street Fighter II. In case you invite them to your place for a game hangout, none of you will get bored by the gaming options at your disposal. Cater for all the preferences of your friends and family and cement your house as the place to be for any kind of classic arcade gaming.

High-Quality Machines Such as the Time Crisis Arcade Machine

The truth about multi-game arcades, especially ones with guns like the old school Time Crisis Arcade Machine, is that they’re designed to last. The craftsmanship put into their design is robust since it is known that they will often be played for extended periods. As a gamer, you don’t have to worry about the buttons breaking even before you can reach the high score you’ve always dreamt of or beat a record you had previously set.

Advantages of Arcade Games at the Workplace

There are numerous benefits associated with the installation of an arcade game machine at your workplace. Some of them include:

Communication and Team Building

Arcade games are a good way to relieve tension among employees and get them conversing with each other. Having a little fun in your office and around your workplace is an excellent way to foster team building and employee communication. If you’re always confined in an office setup, the installation of such games could be a good way to add fun and enjoyment to your normal working day. With time, employees will be interacting and chatting over the gaming machine, thus developing good inter-departmental relationships.


A healthy workplace competition can aid in keeping the employees working to the best they can. While they might need to compete for available opportunitiestreet fighter 2 arcade cabinets and promotions, your employees might as well feel uncomfortable. Arcade game machines are perfect ways of incorporating healthy workplace competition.


Work could be stressful and tough at times. Workplace stress could have a knock on your employees by adversely affecting their mental and physical health, which could eventually affect the productivity of your company. The addition of some fun activities as well as encouraging employees to take workplace breaks could relieve stress and tension, and arcade game machines are an excellent way to create some distraction.

Custom Build Arcade Machine: The Benefits


There are numerous benefits of having a custom-built arcade game machine including:

The range of cabinet and game options we provide include:

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