BenQ GL 2460HM Gaming Monitor Review

Product Name:BenQ GL2460HM
Resolution:1920 x 1080 pixels
Adaptive Sync:No
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Pros of this BenQ Gaming Monitor

  • Images are crisp and clear
  • Colours are vibrant
  • Loaded with eye protection for long hours of use
  • Low price

Cons of the BenQ GL 2460HM Gaming Monitor

  • Low array of display colours

Most people in the gaming world look for image quality and extended compatibility when browsing the many different options to purchase a monitor on the internet. Even though there are many different options on the market, some gamers struggle to find the perfect solution. There are good reasons for this, there are many different genres of games which make gamers look for various features. Another reason is the need for compatibility. Gamers look for a monitor that will not only serve them in the gaming world but in the professional world as well.Most gamers will put speed at the top of the list of things they look for in a gaming monitor. That is with good reason as any sort of lag can ruin a gaming experience, so the faster the monitor, the less lag gamers must deal with. Gamers also look for a screen that has a lot of real estate. Seeing more of the playing area in better detail is a competitive advantage. They also look for price friendly models that they think will not be outdated very quickly.The monitor being covered in this review is a nice balance of budget friendly and quality. Gamers will be able to purchase this model and be happy with the price they pay as well as the features they are getting for their money. The monitor is the BenQ 2460HM and this review will take a look at the potential of this monitor for gamers looking for a budget monitor with high-end capabilities.

Sense Eye Technology on this BenQ Gaming Monitor

One of the biggest complaints of budget monitors is that most of them cause eye strain. Usually, cheaper models skip on things that protect the user to drive the price down. Most gamers will agree that it is not worth the money saved if you consistently must deal with eye strain. This alone can drive many serious gamers away from a monitor.

The BenQ 2460HM is not one of these monitors. BenQ had the user in mind and implemented technology to reduce or possibly even eliminate eye strain. This technology is what BenQ calls Sense Eye Technology.

Not only does this technology make gaming safer for the user but it also increases the gaming experience in other areas as well. The Sense Eye technology takes the display colours to a new level. The Sense Eye technology ensure that users get superior viewing quality. This technology utilizes six different proprietary calibration techniques to ensure that users get only the highest quality colour definition and images. Users can select which mode they want to use via the presets. These modes are the Movie Mode, Game Mode, Photo Mode, Reading Mode, sRGB mode, Eco -V mode, and Vstandard mode. Since it is so easy to cycle through these options, gamers will quickly find a mode that suits their personal taste and gaming needs. Due to the fact that it is so easy to use, Sense Eye makes entertainment more enjoyable and makes a better gaming experience.

This BenQ Gaming Monitor is Friendly for Users and the Planet

Most gamers correlate ecofriendly features with being burdensome or something that they simply must “deal with”. They feel that it is a hassle and takes away from the potential of the monitor. With one look at this display from BenQ, gamers will quickly realize that the environmental features are not burdensome at all. The BenQ GL 2460HM is compliant with the Energy Star program for Computer Monitors V5.1. The purpose of this is to make sure that the display conserves energy but the fact that it will save users loads of cash is probably the biggest selling point. The money saved in electricity costs can be used by gamers to purchase games or other gaming related items. In fact, this monitor could pay for itself against some of the other competition in the marketplace.

This environmentally friendly monitor is also Windows 8 and above compatible. Gamers can simply plug the BenQ display into any computer with those operating systems and be ready to go right out of the box. Users will enjoy the simplistic setup and connection of this monitor.

Reading Mode for Optimized Reading

BenQ included technology into this display that simulates the look of printed paper to be even more safe with user’s eye health. This feature, takes even more, strain off the eyes due to prolonged use. This Reading mode is possible because BenQ adjusted colour temperature, contrast ratio, sharpness, and brightness to create a technology that keeps user safety in mind.

Colour Depth and Definition

The BenQ gaming monitor adds colour depth and definition to dark and complex motion pictures by utilizing a dynamic contrast ratio of 12 million to 1. This ensures that blacks and whites are perfectly rendered. The contrast ratio delivers the smoothest and clearest image performance when users are watching media and playing video games.

What’s in the Box?

The BenQ GL 2460HM gaming monitor comes packed in a slim box that is well protected. The protective inserts and foam padding ensure that this display is safe from factory to the user. The box includes the display, display stand, quick start guide, warranty information, CD-ROM, and an assortment of display cables for the user to choose from.

Specifications of this Gaming Monitor

  • 12M:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio for Color Depth and Definition
  • Size: 24 inches
  • Item Weight: 9.5 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 6 x 17.1 x 22.2 inches
  • Price: $130.49
  • Equipped with Senseye Human Vision Technology
  • Color: Black
  • Shipping Weight: 10.7 pounds
  • Preset Viewing Modes

Conclusion on the BenQ GL 2460HM Gaming Monitor

The very first feature of this display from BenQ that gamers seem to take notice of is the image quality it produces. Colour and Resolution are among the top things that users mention when speaking about this offering from BenQ. These are two of the most important areas to gamers, so BenQ hit a homerun with making sure colour and resolution are high-quality with this display.

BenQ also did a fantastic job ensuring that this display is solid when assembled. This model is one of the sturdiest on the market with monitors in this price range. It also does not hurt that BenQ designed this model to look sleek and attractive. Not only does it look great, but the stand is also practical. This monitor looks fantastic in multi-display setups.

Although the colours are displayed crisp and produce vibrant images, there are a limited number of colours in the display. A wider array of colour display would have been nice. But gamers that are bothered by this should know that they can set alternatives and modify them by navigating to the GFX control panel and adjusting colours to suit their own taste and gaming needs.

The good outweighs the bad by far with this monitor from BenQ. It is loaded with features, environmentally friendly, and BenQ put a strong emphasis on the eye protection of its customers in the design of this gaming monitor. Overall, the BenQ GL 2460HM gaming monitor is a fine choice for gamers who are looking for high-end technology and features without breaking the bank.

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