Iiyama ProLite G2773HS Gaming Monitor Review

Product Name: iiyama Prolite G2773HS 27 inch LCD Gaming Monitor - Black
Iiyama ProLite G2773HS Gaming Monitor Review


Nice Colour and Contrast

Quick Response Rate

Nice Black Levels


TN Images can be nasty

It is only 1080p

For a long time, gamers scoffed at the idea of needing anything more than a 60Hz flat panel monitor. This was all before the arrival of 3D technology. The biggest reason these gamers declined to want to reach higher was that outdated CRT monitors would flicker at refresh rates above 60Hz. With the advent of LCD’s and gamers beginning to use 120Hz refresh rates along with NVIDIA’s 3D Vision kits, gamers soon begin to see the possibilities. They noticed how much smoother gameplay could really be. In fact, they noticed that everything was smoother, not just gameplay. Running everyday applications such as email and word processors even benefited from this technology. There was, however, one exception to the rule and that was playing video content. Video content is coded in fixed frame refresh rates. So this means having a screen refresh rate above the frame rate is not useful.

All the previous mentioned points bring us to the monitor in this review, the Iiyama Pro Lite G2773HS.

This offering from Iiyama is not marketed towards the 3D market. It is marketed based on the speed and other benefits of the 120Hz, which is perfectly fine because the benefits are numerous.

The Iiyama is a TN based panel, so like other TN panels on the market, gamers can expect vibrant colours. But with this model gamers can expect better contrast and black levels than TN technology could provide just a few short years back. The Pro Lite is 1,920 x 1,080 which is not that great. Truthfully, though most monitors on the market come up short in this area considering cell phone and tablet makers are bringing 2,560 x 1600 pixels in screens that are more than 50% smaller than a lot of these monitors.

The Iiyama Pro Lite delivers in 1080p which many gamers think is the perfect number for a display. The monitor gives gamers the option of choosing between five different pixel overdrive settings, but the monitor works fantastic with overdrive disabled. Combining 120Hz with a 1ms TN panel is a lightning fast combination that is hard to beat.


The Iiyama is designed with a sturdy plastic and a high gloss finish on the stand and bezel. The bezel is very thin, it measures 36 mm along the bottom and an even thinner 22 mm along the top and sides. The downside to this high gloss finish is that this material will pick up fingerprints when users touch its surface. Routine cleaning with a dry cotton cloth should alleviate this problem.

The base of the screen is large but this is necessary to provide stability to a display of this size. The Pro Lite is very sturdy because of this rather large base as there is no significant wobble in regular usage.

The TN film based screen comes protected by a thin layer of anti-glare coating on its screen. However, it is not a glossy coating which means there could be slight reflections. Gamers will love that all the previously mentioned means that the display is not grainy like IPS panels on the market today.

The Iiyama Pro Lite G22773HS is also VESA compatible. On the back of the display, there are 4 holes for mounting in VESA configurations.


Gamers will also take notice that the Iiyama Pro Lite has a decent assortment of connectivity options. The Pro Lite Features Dual Link DVI-D, HDMI, and D-sub interfaces. HDMI is the preferred connectivity option for most gamers and can connect a variety of devices from gaming consoles to blue-ray players and more. One of the downsides of the connectivity options is the lack of Display Port. Display Port is becoming increasingly popular in the gaming community and this model does not offer the capability. These connectivity options are fully capable of supporting the full 1920 x 1080 resolution of the panel.


Diagonal: 27” (68.6cm)

Aspect Ratio: 16:9

Panel: TN

Native Resolution: Full HD 1080p, 1920 x 1080 (2.1 megapixel)

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